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10 Reasons Your Online Store Isn’t Making You Money

10 Reasons Your Online Store Isn't Making You Money

Opening an online store can be a fantastic way to run a business. There’s no electric bill to pay or staff to hire and you can enjoy making sales 24 hours a day. Plus, unlike a brick and mortar shop, having an eCommerce website lets you sell your products to customers around the world.

But sometimes, even the most beautiful online store just doesn’t seem to bring in money. Discover the top 10 reasons why websites fail to rake in the revenue and get some quick tips on how to turn around your website.

If you’ve got amazing goods to sell, there’s no need to wait! You can create a website with an online store builder today and start earning. Just make sure to keep these cautionary points in mind:

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01. You’re Not As Beautiful on the Outside As You Are on the Inside

When it comes to eCommerce, a beautiful, professional website is a must. Customers will only purchase online if they they think your website (and thus your business) looks legitimate. Make sure your website is modern and draws attention to the best you have to offer.

The good news is, you don’t need to hire a web designer to get an amazing website. With hundreds of designer eCommerce website templates to choose from on Wix, you can create a killer website today.

02. No One Knows What to Do on Your Site

It may sound silly, but when creating a website you need to make it very clear what you want visitors to do on the site. Your home page and website should have a very blatant and call to action, something that says “Shop Now” or “Click Here to View Our Online Store.” Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. Effective eCommerce sites lead visitors straight to the heart of their online store.

03. It’s Hard for Customers to Find What They Want

Once on your product page, visitors should be able to easily find exactly what they are looking for. Organize your galleries in a logical way and use tags and categories that help your shoppers navigate your site. Sell shoes? Organize them by men’s and women’s, type of shoe and size. Pushing toys? Try tagging them by age, gender, material, size and color.

Place your bestsellers front and center where no one will have to look for them. Just like that Snickers bar in the checkout line to tempt you on your way out the door, well-placed, irresistible items can entice a customer to buy, even if they hadn’t planned on the purchase.

04. You’re Not Painting a Pretty Picture

When shopping online, customers can’t touch and feel your products. They have to rely solely on the images you provide to attract them to an item and convince them to buy. Bottom line: stunning images are one of the most important factors in turning perusers into purchasers. If possible, we recommend investing in professional photography for your online store. And if you’re tight on cash, we’ve got great DIY photo tips that anyone can try. Try to showcase each product from several angles and, when relevant, throw in some photos that show how a product is being used.

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05. No One Is Coming to Your Site

In order for sales to boom on your site, you need to make sure that people are finding it. To bring in customers, you need a website that shows up when your customers are searching on Google and other search engines.

The art of ranking well in searches (known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO) can seem a bit complex at first, but there are quite a few steps you can easily take to give your own a site a good shot at soaring to the top of Google. Get lots more SEO Tips for your online store in the Wix Blog.

06. You’re Not Reaching Out and Staying in Touch

Another great way to bring more traffic to your website is to reach out to your customers – past, present and future. Even if your store is “virtual,” that doesn’t mean you can’t build solid and very real relationships with your clients. By generating a loyal base of return customers, you can increase your sales from year to year.

Just as you would market your brick and mortar store with fliers, newspaper ads and business cards, you want to invite customers regularly to come see what’s new in your e-shop. Try sending regular newsletters with email marketing, writing a blog post announcing sales or posting quick daily updates or photos on Facebook and Twitter. Whichever route you choose, always include a link to your website!

07. You’re Barking up the Wrong Tree

When designing your website, you want to think specifically about what will inspire and attract your target market. While your instinct may be to try and cater to everyone, you’ll find more success by tailoring to your specific clientele.

Choose pictures, fonts and colors that match your style and merchandise. Feature products that will entice your crowd and highlight the benefits they offer your buyers. As you create your online store, always try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Then, offer what they want!

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08. You’re Out of Date

Fresh content and an updated site will always show customers that you’re on top of your game, while an out of date site may raise a few eyebrows. Imagine finding yourself on a site that still boasted Thanksgiving sales in February. Wouldn’t you wonder what other details they might have overlooked? You might even question if the store was still in business.

Your loyal customers will love it if every time they check out your website, there’s something new and exciting to see. Update your website and products as frequently as you can and give them a reason to keep on stopping by. Showcase seasonal items, place new arrivals on the home page and advertise sales that are in line with the latest season or holiday. This is one easy way to send your customers the message that you are organized and on top of things.

09. The Price Is (Not) Right

Knowing exactly how to price your merch can be tough, both online and off, but it’s important to ensure a regular flow of sales. If your prices are too low, customers may be suspicious or worry about the quality of your products. Price too high and customers will shop elsewhere.

Factor in the additional tricky areas of shipping costs and taxes and it’s no wonder that finding the right price is a common challenge in eCommerce. Luckily, with a bit of market research and even some trial and error, you can find just the right price point.


10. You’re Leaving People in the Checkout Line

Long line at the eComm store? Not exactly — but many online shoppers load up their e-cart with products, only to leave the site without spending a dime. To help prevent this on your own site, create a smooth, easy and obvious checkout process for customers.

Make sure your shopping cart is prominently placed on every page of your site and set up your site in a way that minimizes the number of clicks a user has to make to complete a purchase.

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