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80+ catering business name ideas

catering business name ideas

Choosing the right business name for your catering business is a crucial step in establishing a strong presence in the food industry. Your business name is the initial point of contact for potential clients, and can influence their decision to use your catering services.

A successful catering business name should possess several key qualities. It should be memorable, easy to pronounce and relevant to the type of catering services you offer. Additionally, a catchy and distinctive name can help your food business stand out in a competitive market. 

80+ catering business name ideas to get you started

Unique catering business names

1. Culinary Odyssey

2. Tasteful Trends

3. Epicurean Escapes

4. Palate Pleasers

5. Gastronomic Delights

6. Savory Soirees

7. Flavor Fusion

8. Culinary Chronicle

9. Gourmet Gala

10. Delectable Affairs

Catchy catering business names

1. CaterJoy

2. Bite Bliss Catering

3. Feast Fables

4. Culinary Carousel

5. Savvy Sustenance

6. Banquet Bonanza

7. Tantalizing Tastings

8. Nosh Nectar

9. Gourmet Gaiety

10. Epic Eats Events

Professional catering business names

1. Elite Eats Catering

2. Culinary Craftsmen

3. Epicurean Excellence

4. Gourmet Gurus

5. Precision Palates

6. Gastronomic Guild

7. Culinary Connoisseur

8. Provisions Professionals

9. Culinary Creators

10. Executive Edibles

Location-based catering business names

1. [City/Neighborhood] Cuisine Curation

2. [City/Region] Elegance Events

3. [City] Gourmet Gatherings

4. [City/State] Tastes & Traditions

5. [City/Neighborhood] Banquet Bites

6. [City] Culinary Canvas

7. [City/Region] Flavorful Feasts

8. [City/State] Epicurean Engagements

9. [City/Neighborhood] Palate Pleasures

10. [City] Culinary Connections

Modern catering business name ideas

1. Urban Eats Experience

2. Culinary Chic Catering

3. TechTaste Catering

4. Trendy Table Treats

5. Digital Dining Delights

6. Edgy Epicure Events

7. Modern Morsels Catering

8. Culinary Innovation Co.

9. CyberSavor Catering

10. Gourmet Geeks Gatherings

Timeless catering business names

1. Classic Cuisine Catering

2. Time-Honored Tastings

3. Heritage Hospitality

4. Culinary Classics Collective

5. Vintage Venue Victuals

6. Nostalgic Nosh

7. Traditional Taste Treats

8. Culinary Legacy Catering

9. Evergreen Edibles

10. Ageless Affairs

Clever catering business names

1. Feast Finesse

2. Culinary Charades

3. Banquet Brainwaves

4. Epicurean Enigma

5. Savvy Spread Solutions

6. Witty Nosh Networks

7. CaterCrafty Creations

8. Taste Twist Catering

9. Banquet Brainstorms

10. Epicurean Enchantment

Funny catering business name ideas

1. CaterComedy

2. Laughable Luncheons

3. Banquet Belly Chuckles

4. Chuckle Cuisine

5. Gourmet Giggles Gatherings

6. Funny Feast Fables

7. Laugh Lines Catering

8. Whimsical Whisk Affairs

9. Grin and Grub

10. Banquet Buffoonery

Examples of catering business names

This catering business, specializing in cookies and cakes, manages to incorporate both a whimsical play on its personal nature and its location within its name.

This small baking and catering business also plays on its personal nature in its name, creating a homely style of branding. 

This restaurant uses its business name to make it very clear what kind of food it makes and sells. 

How to choose the right catering business name

Choosing the perfect name for your catering business involves thoughtful consideration. Follow these tips to make an innovative but professional decision that reflects your brand and business. 

Consider your target audience

Understand your target clientele and tailor your name to appeal to their tastes and preferences. For example, if you’re targeting an older clientele you might choose to go for a more traditional business name, than if you’re targeting a younger crowd. All of this should be included within your catering business plan

Consider your brand identity

Reflect your desired brand image in your catering business name, whether it's high-end, casual, or a unique niche. For example, if your catering business caters for vegans, incorporating this or something associated with being vegan in your name could be a smart choice for branding purposes. 

Be creative

Embrace creativity to make your catering business name stand out and be memorable. This might mean a lot of brainstorming, combining words and working with a restaurant business name generator for further inspiration for your food business name

Test your name ideas

Gather feedback from friends, family and potential clients to refine and select the best name for your catering business. What appeals to them, what doesn’t and what does this leave you to work with in terms of coming up with your catering business name when starting your business

Remember these additional tips:

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Catering business names FAQ

Why is choosing the right name so important for my catering business?

Choosing the right name for your catering business is crucial because it serves as the first impression for potential clients. A well-crafted name sets the tone for your brand, aids in your catering marketing efforts, and significantly influences how customers perceive your catering services. A memorable and relevant name can contribute to the success and growth of your catering business.

Should I think about further expansion and scale when choosing my business name?

Can I change my catering business name in the future?

Can I use my own name for my catering business?

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