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We are Crunching (everything)

Amount of nuts consumed by us per month (KG)



We are

Wix, which is the leading cloud-based website development platform with more than 120 million users worldwide, has set "We Measure Everything" as one of its core values, and indeed, we are highly data driven decision making company.

We Do

We are diverse group of 70 analysts, scientist and statisticians who transform big data into actionable insights so our decisions as a company are based on facts and not on hunches.

We Do It

we measure everything! As the department that fuels Wix’s data-driven decision making ethic, we collect an amazing 1TB of data every day. We produce a wide-scale of analysis – short and long term KPI’s, AB tests, ad-hoc, user level, users of user’s level, real time, and general statistics.

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