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Why Your Business Needs Live Chat on Its Website

We’re used to getting notifications about the latest food captured on Instagram by our best friends, or the most recent tweet from our favorite comedians. Why shouldn’t we expect the same kind of rapid pace when it comes to business interactions? As a small business owner, the new cultural expectation for an immediate response is particularly relevant for anticipating – and then exceeding – your clients’ standards for service. We like to call that customer satisfaction, served with a side of loyalty. Often, the deciding factor for visitors to your website between booking that kayak rental, and moving their search right on to the next website, is their ability to have their questions instantaneously answered without ever having to leave the page or deal with a multi-step contact form. The online chat feature allows you to talk in real time with people checking out your site, converting browsers into clients by flashing your most winning (emoji) smile and customer engagement skills.

Upgrading your business performance with the best live chat tool on the market is no more than two clicks away. (Don’t believe us? Keep on reading to find out what we mean.) So with such a simple setup process, and so much to gain by doing so, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the benefits of integrating a live chat feature into your website and how to start taking advantage of all that this customer support solution has to offer.

Why you need a live chat feature for your website

  • Build relationships with your customers. ‘Hi there, how we can help you today?’ The store employee version of a pickup line might be cliche, but there’s a reason it has withstood the test of time. It has an impact: customers feel noticed, and what might have originally felt like an impersonal brand from the street suddenly melts away into a friendly face. As we continue moving more and more of our purchases online, though, there’s no reason customers need to lose the pleasantries of the in-person shopping experience. When an employee spots that puzzled look on your face as you compare two different blenders that look like they were made by NASA (it’s not just us, right?), and approaches with an offer of assistance and some informed advice – that’s the kind of interpersonal moment that helps establish shopper allegiance to the store’s brand. For online businesses, the ability to build trust and relationships across the anonymity of screens is arguably even more critical for nailing sales. Live chat offers a simple solution to this challenge. For example, that standard greeting line we mentioned above can be set as an automated message to welcome each visitor who enters your site with the same warmth that they have come to expect in a brick-and-mortar store. You can even choose to take the personalization up a notch. After receiving a notification that a new visitor has landed on your page, hop on over into the chatbox to introduce yourself and ask specific questions about what they are looking for. Or perhaps you got an alert that a returning customer bought another ceramic serving bowl? Send a personalized message thanking them for their loyalty and make a tailored recommendation for other items in your gallery.

  • Boast 24/7 availability. Another foundational element of earning customer loyalty is being constantly present to address any inquiries or concerns that should arise during the sale process, from the 100 tab-comparison stage of online shopping to eagerly tearing open that box the minute after walking in the door. By installing live chat on your site, you send a clear message that you are here for your customers, and add another channel through which they know they can always reach you (and don’t worry, using a nifty system like automated messages means your customer support can be working 24/7 even as you are catching those precious Zs for the both of you. That’s what we call taking one for the team.)

Why you need Wix Chat on your website

  • Be known for your personal engagement. This one applies whether you’re a business owner looking to build your brand, or really are anyone with a website looking to amass a dedicated following – from sharing your frozen dinner recipes to highlights from your cross-country road trip. A live chat feature gives you yet another outlet for bringing your distinct voice into your digital presence. The best part? Just like you are intentional about the tone you use on your social media channels, you also have total control here over what vibe you want to send off. The chatbox could function as a real-time feedback form for visitors to rate your recipes – allowing you to personally address each message – or as a vehicle for collecting ‘must see’ suggestions for your next planned rest stop. The possibilities for where you can take this tool, and where it can take you, your customer engagement and your website, are truly endless.

Wix Chat features and capabilities

Are you sitting down? Because we have something pretty amazing to tell you. Wix users who installed Wix Chat saw a 33% increase in bookings, and a 39% increase in sales after just one month. It’s pretty clear that integrating live chat into your website is one of the best gifts you can give your business, not to mention how it can help amplify your personal brand. Here’s a breakdown of some of the unique features that make Wix Chat such a ‘must have’ tool for your website:

  • Mobile device access. With Wix Chat accessible through the Wix Mobile App, you can shake the fear that you’ll miss a potential customer lead because you’re not parked in front of your desktop computer (plus, your back will thank you for the break!). This multi-device capability offers you the maximum amount of flexibility in deciding how and when you want to manage your business.

  • Visitor notifications. Every time someone arrives at your homepage, sends you a message, or makes a purchase, you can elect to have a notification sent straight to you by adjusting your settings on the Wix Chat Dashboard. This capability is just waiting to be leveraged into a reputation for outstanding customer service. You can greet and direct visitors, offer customized recommendations for future purchases, and more. Thought your life couldn’t get more synced? Think again: Wix Chat is seamlessly integrated with Wix CRM, meaning that all chats are saved in your Inbox. From there, you can save these users into your Contacts and then send them all of your beautiful email newsletters, invoices, and feedback forms. These custom touches will go a long way in winning new customers and keeping old ones.

  • Page-browsing notifications. Not only does Wix Chat send you alerts when a customer arrives at your site, it also updates you as they browse along your selection. Again, this tool is just waiting to be used by small business owners looking to differentiate themselves from competitors by establishing their credentials as helpful and reliable. The messaging platform offers the ability to send suggestions of items to consider, or even coupons. (In the words of Oprah: you get a coupon, you get a coupon, everybody gets a coupon!)

  • Automated greetings, lead capture, and saved replies. Your chatbox might be available 24/7, but it doesn’t mean you have to be. Wix Chat is automatically programmed to send a welcome message to each person who enters your site, so you don’t have to go sprinting for your phone every moment you hear that ‘ding’ of an incoming notification. And by turning on the ‘Lead Capture’ option in the Wix Chat settings, you actually can snooze without losing (a lead)! This mode prompts visitors to leave their name and email in the chatbox so you won’t miss out on a potential sale or booking because you’re a human who needs some sleep. And with the ability to save your replies to those most frequently asked questions, you can cut down the time you spend searching for that exactly perfect phrase while still maximizing on that customer satisfaction.

Why you need Wix Chat on your website

  • Advanced features. By upgrading your Wix Chat application, you’ll have access to additional features. For example, you can take a page out of your university professor’s book and schedule your ‘office hours’ for when you’ll be available to chat, affording you greater control over your time. Can’t get enough of all of the time-saving tricks? With Wix Automations, you can select messages to be automatically sent to visitors via Wix Chat in response to particular actions they might take on your page. That can include greeting them the moment they enter, and dropping them a thank you line after they’ve made a purchase. Finally, you can also customize the chatbox to include your trademark logo and colors to maintain brand consistency, or your headshot to literally put a face to your name.

How to install Wix Chat

  1. Click ‘Add’ on the left side of the Wix Editor.

  2. Underneath ‘Contact,’ you’ll see a section for Wix Chat.

  3. Simply choose your preferred layout and drag and drop it onto your site.

  4. You’re done! Your new chatbox will now appear on the bottom right hand corner of your website. If you’d like to customize it further, hover your mouse over the chatbox and select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Get Started.’


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