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5 Wix Features You Need on Your Website

Wix Feature You Need On Your Site

Ever get the feeling that there are so many neat features on Wix that you are not even sure which ones to add to your website? You’re not wrong. The list of innovative tools available to Wix users continues to grow all the time, and the options to create a website get more and more comprehensive. That’s not a bad thing, of course. It’s awesome.

You can count on us to always introduce new terrific Wix features that will make your online presence even more impressive. To make sure that you are not missing out on any of these exciting Wix features, we picked five especially great ones to highlight in this article. If you are looking for ways to make your website more user-friendly, and if you want to provide your visitors and clients a superb browsing experience, then you should definitely check out these Wix features.

01. The clever quick action bar for mobile sites

Browsing a website on a mobile device is an entirely different experience than using a full-screen computer. The quick action bar is a must-have feature on every mobile website created with Wix because it was designed to address that issue.

The quick action bar gives faster access for tasks that mobile visitors are likely to be searching for, like emailing or calling your business. It also offers them shortcut links to different sections of your site, to save scrolling time and guide them through their content priorities. By adding the quick action bar to your Wix mobile website, you’re essentially making sure that your site visitors receive the ultimate browsing experience, no matter what device they are using.

A mobile Wix website showing off the quick action bar

02. Information and marketing, combined in the FAQs section

Frequently Asked Questions sections are not a regular component on most websites, but they should be! FAQs make things easier for your followers and potential clients by providing helpful information and preemptively addressing uncertainties. Imagine a prospective customer who is considering booking a vacation at your bed and breakfast. They’re still unsure about the location, the cancellation policy and the whether or not dogs are welcome.

The FAQ section is where you – the business owner – can answer these questions, increasing the chances that the uncertain guest will choose to make a reservation on the spot. In addition to transparency, another reason to add an FAQ section is the amazing marketing value. Think of it as an opportunity to further promote your brand by emphasizing its advantages. Not to mention, the FAQs are fantastic for your site’s SEO, since they provide search engines with quality text to index.

03. Stunning presentation with Wix Photo Albums

Two words: Spectacular visuals. This combination is one of the most crucial aspects that distinguish a good website from a great one, and it’s exactly what the Wix Photo Albums are designed to offer. While this feature is officially a part of our Wix Photography platform, all professionals whose work relies on visual presentation should consider adding it to their site – from architects to culinary geniuses.

Wix Photo Albums create a gallery of your images that, while being a part of your website, can function as an independent page that can easily be shared (this is particularly helpful for professional photographers who share photoshoots with clients). You can customize your albums to match your site’s overall design or give each album a unique look and feel. There are many layouts you can choose from and tons of editing options to give you visuals the beautiful presentation they deserve.

04. Wix Chat to start a conversation

Businesses and organizations that aspire to have a superb online presence should offer their audience fast and reliable methods to get in touch. What better way to do so than by adding an online chat option? Meet Wix Chat, the messaging tool that allows your site visitors to start a conversation.

Adding Wix Chat to your website shows your audience that you are truly attuned to their needs and questions. You have full control to activate and deactivate the chat option whenever you want, so no need to worry about unanswered messages when you’re not available. It’s a great way to build trust with potential clients and increase the satisfaction of existing ones. Wix Chat is not just a reactive tool. It lets you be pro-active and initiate communication with visitors as they browse your site.

05. Feel-good “Thank you” note

Customer appreciation is so important for online businesses. When you don’t have that face-to-face interaction, you need to go the extra mile to show your customers that you value them. One way to do this is to add a customized “Thank You” note after a completed purchase on your online store.

Technically, the “Thank You” message confirms to your customers that the purchase went through successfully. But you should treat it as more than just a confirmation stamp. Let’s just compare these two messages real quick:

  • “Purchase completed”

  • “Congrats! Your purchase is complete and you are all set. You’ll receive an email confirmation from us soon. Thank you for choosing Squiggly Toys!”

By The Wix Team


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