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The Best 10 New Wix Features You Have to Know!

Websites have changed quite a bit since they were merely an online source for information. Today, what puts you in the big leagues are the web design accessories that bring the visual wow factor.

As you know, at Wix we follow all the web design trends in order to offer the best tools to create your own stunning website. Our developers work around the clock to provide you with the most advanced and user-friendly features to make your site drop dead gorgeous.

So forget about hiring a web designer, here are 10 of Wix’s hottest new features that you’re going to want to add to your website stat!

Upload Fonts – Let Them Do the Talking

Many people (ahem, us included) take fonts very seriously and for good reason; the right font can express more than words. When building a killer website whether your style is hip and sophisticated or classic and timeless, it’s important to choose the font that fits your brand. This way your visitors get a feel of your style. Now that you can upload any font you want in any language to the Wix Editor, the possibilities are endless. Check out our blog post ‘Upload Fonts Best Practices & Tips‘ to learn more about how to pair your new favorite fonts to put them into action on your site!

How-to: Click My Uploads on the left side of the Editor > Fonts > Upload Fonts and browse your computer for the font you want to upload > Done

Enhance Your Site with Parallax Scrolling + Animation Effects

It’s safe to say that one of the best ways to make your website outstanding is to have extra special design elements. With the new parallax scrolling effects and the gorgeous animation features, you can create just that!

Play around with the parallax effects and you’ll see what we mean. Discover countless variations and get creative with photos, strips and colors to add depth and dimension. But don’t stop there, if you really want to impress your visitors throw in one of the 14 new animation effects to add emphasis. Because everyone knows, great animation effects are hard to ignore! These two new features really step up the ‘wow’ factor by bringing your website to life.

Animation How-to: Select what you want to animate > Click the animation icon > Choose the animation you want

Parallax How-to: Click Add Strip > Click Settings, and choose the desired effect > Save and check it out in Preview mode!

Enhance Your Site with Parallax Scrolling + Animation Effects

Make a Stir with SlideShows

Sometimes getting visitors to notice your new collection, event, or specials can be challenging. But not for long. Introducing the Wix Slideshow feature, a stunning way to showcase your images, videos and all other important content. So you know people will stop and stare!

It’s designed for displaying your art, promoting upcoming sales and products, or giving people the heads up for future events and so much more. Slideshows give your valuable content the stage it deserves. With so many options of stunning slideshows galleries, the only difficult thing about this feature is deciding which one you want to use.

How-to: Click the Add button > Select Slideshow from the drop down > Drag slide option you want onto your website

Build the website of your dreams

Grab Attention with Cinemagraphs

While “content is king” in most settings, when it comes to web design images certainly cinemagraphs are as important as texts when building your brand. Wait a second! Did you just say to yourself – What are cinemagraphs? We’re so glad you asked, it’s a new, neat mix between image and video, with slight but profound movements that captivate the eye without distracting from your message. They are similar to GIFs and they even come in GIF format, but where they differ is they are not as busy. And the good news is there is a whole new selection you can use in Wix’s free images section so you can get as creative as you want!

How-to:  Click Background > Click Video > Click Free From Wix > Click Cinemagraphs > Select a cinemagraph and click Change Background

Grab Attention with Cinemagraphs

Create Beautiful Order with Columns

If you’re looking to create a beautiful and smooth user experience on your website then look no further. Columns are a great way to organize your site and add some flare. Make your text easier to read, promote your products and services, introduce your team members, and show off your testimonials – just to name a few examples. The fun doesn’t stop there, once you’ve added columns it’s easy to customize the design to work best for you. You can add text and images or even spice it up by adding a video all while looking incredible on every device because your columns will automatically adjust to fit every screen.

Here’s how: > Add Strip > Layouts > Add Column

Add Professional Polish with the Wix Pro Gallery

It’s important to let your photos do the talking and we have just the stage for them to do it on. Meet the new Wix Pro Gallery: the most professional gallery with the highest quality for your images on the web. It is now the only online tool designed with you in mind, with advanced image features so that you have the ideal place to flaunt your work on your site.

Let’s get into the details. The new Wix Pro Gallery has leading image quality and sharpness settings, so you can control the amount, radius and threshold of your images. And without affecting the speed or performance of your website, the multimedia gallery is perfect for displaying high-quality images, auto-playing videos, and colorful text boxes in one simple location. Feel like sharing your content? The new Wix Pro Gallery comes with the ability to enable social media sharing for every piece. That’s not all – you can even protect your images from being distributed online. And of course, you can easily customize the gallery settings and even make it full screen while looking great on all devices.

How-to: Click App Market > Search for Wix Pro Gallery > Click add to site

Add Professional Polish with the Wix Pro Gallery

Customize the Design of Your Mobile Menu

In today’s world, being constantly on the move is a part of life. So it’s important to make your website’s user experience on mobile as smooth as possible. Now with the new ability to customize your mobile menu’s design you can do just that. Play around and customize the text, color, spacing and borders so you can make it look exactly how you want.

How-to: Click the mobile menu in the mobile Editor > Click the Design icon > Click Customize Design > Click a preset design > Click the Open tab and customize the options for the menu

Add Contributors to Manage Your Website

As the saying goes, ‘two brains are better than one.’ Now with the new contributors feature you can take advantage of this. Have more than one team member managing your website? Want someone else to help with your daily tasks? That’s a-ok! You can set up contributors to have access and make changes – but only you, the owner, can transfer or delete the site and access the billing info. This is great if your site has multiple people or teams working on it. Especially easy if you have a blog site with more than one blog author and finally if you are designing sites for clients (looking at you, WixEd Pros)

Clean & Customize Your URL

Never underestimate the importance of your URL. Besides it being an address for your audience to find you, it’s also a large part of your branding, and most importantly it’s essential to your SEO. Luckily you can customize and shorten your URL with just one click.

Feeling a little lost? A URL is the term for a website address. For example, ours is: Which is different than a domain name. A domain name is used to register for a website like If you want to learn more check out our blog ‘How to Boost Your SEO With the Perfect URL‘.

How-to: You just need to change your page name according to what you want your URL to be!

Add & Manage Events with Ease

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… announcing Wix Events! When it comes to your special event, we’ve got you covered so that everything can run smoothly and hassle-free. Simply create a new event and add it to your website. Then make it easy for people to RSVP so you can collect all of the information you need, send stunning invitations, and manage your guest list all in one place. Perfect for weddings, parties, professional events and more.

How-to: Click App Market > Search for Wix Events > Click add to site

By The Wix Team

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