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Cinemagraphs: The Hot New Design Element Your Website Needs

Websites have come a long way since they were simply an online source for information. Today, what separates the pups from the big dogs are the web design bells and whistles that bring the visual wow factor.

And there just so happens to be a new design element on the scene. Web, meet cinemagraphs: the crossover between image and video, with subtle movements that intrigue the eye but don’t distract from your message. They usually come in GIF format, but unlike the gifs we’ve come to know and love (or not), they come in a much less busy package. Here’s all the info.

Cinemagraphs: The Hot New Design Element Your Website Needs

Why Your Site Should Use Cinemagraphs

It’s no secret that you should use the best images you can get your hands on for your website. Recently, the Wix Editor released amazing new video backgrounds, upping the wow factor for anyone creating a website. But depending on the content you want to get eyes on, less is sometimes more. With Wix’s new cinemagraph options, you can captivate your site visitors while not distracting from your message. And in doing so, you’ll be joining the ranks of somewhat known brands like Coca-Cola, Chanel and Honda. Yup.

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Where You Can Find Cinemagraphs

Happily, Wix makes it easy for you to add stunning cinemagraphs to your website’s background. There’s a whole section for them in the Wix Editor, and they’re all 100% free for you to use, however you want. Here are just a few examples of the treats that are waiting for you:





How to Add Cinemagraphs To Your Site

Here’s how to make the cinemagraph magic happen, step by step:

1. Click Background on the left side of the Editor. 2. Click Video & Select a video. 3. Click Free From Wix 4. Click Cinemagraphs 5. Select a cinemagraph and click Change Background

By The Wix Team

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