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Design Inspiration \ FEB 22nd 2015

4 Show-Stopping Tools To Get More Eyes on Your Website

Building a website has turned into a rite of passage for any business. For those who have already taken the plunge to create your own web space, you know how many factors come to play in building your ultimate online home. The design, content & user-friendly navigation all need to come together to form your perfect web space. And while there are countless ways that you can design your pages – the fact of the matter is that there is nothing more heartbreaking than ending up with a site that no one bothers to read.

This got us thinking: what can you do to make your site visitors excited to engage and explore your website? When it came down to it, the answer was clear, there are plenty of cool web apps that you can add to any website to make it shine. The Wix App Market is full of easy to implement tools that add a stylistic element to your site but will also sleekly lead your visitors along the pages that you worked so hard to create.

Here are some of our favorites web apps from the Wix App Market that will make your site bolder, more beautiful and add an extra bit of wonder that your website’s missing.

4 Bold New Apps to Beautify Your Website

Rollover App – The Sneak Preview

Whether it’s a hot new movie, or your best friend letting you in on a coveted secret, there’s nothing better than getting in on an exclusive preview before anyone else. When it comes to web design, this sentiment rings just as true; that’s why adding a hover effect to your web images is one of the hottest web design trends of the moment. Hover effects give your site visitors a sneak peek of what awaits them when they click through to a next page by giving them the taste of a whole new image or text that will no doubt spark their curiosity. When incorporated correctly, this fun feature will have your site visitors hovering over all your images for fun surprises that they might contain.

Add this design element to your website easily with the Rollover app!


Lumifish – Your Visual Timeline

Give your site visitors a visual clues about your most important series of events by adding a cool timeline to your site. Lumifish’s Timeline App is a smart and easy way to give your site visitors snippets into stand-out moments in your life, business or product line. While it’s best to pair your pin-pointed moments with short descriptions on your timelines, those interested in knowing more about any event can click to get the full story!

This app is particularly great to highlight special moments on your wedding website, birthday invite and resume. It was use in a recent NHL draft site to feature key players that are up for trade! Check out the Lumifish Timeline App for more fun ideas for adding a stylish storyline to your site.


Easy Magazine – Your Own Personal Newsfeed

Are magazines more your site visitor’s reading style? If there’s nothing you love more than reading a great article, this might be the magic app that you’re missing on your site! Curate your own personal magazine rack by integrating the latest headlines on your favorite subject of choice right onto your website. This app is great for establishing yourself as an authority on a particular subject, and the best part is your website is constantly getting updated with a fresh flow of your favorite content, which is a huge benefit for your SEO!

When your site’s stories develop as often as yours does, visitors will be itching to come back for more! The Easy Magazine app can be found in both your Wix Dashboard under the App Market tab in the left menu, or right in the App Market in your Wix Editor.

Easy Magazine

Back to Top – Your One-Pager Secret Weapon

Does the thought of letting site viewers shift through your web pages at their whim make you uneasy? Even if you’ve got your sights-set on a stunning one-page website, you cannot neglect your user’s navigation. Make scrolling through your one-page site a little more user friendly by adding a back to top button after key segments of your one-page site. This app is especially handy when paired with a top menu in conjunction with awesome looking anchor links.

Back to Top

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