“Small” Wix Features to Add Magic to Your Website

"Small" Wix Features to Add Magic to Your Website

Sometimes, its the small details that make all the difference. Whether it’s that little chocolate a boutique hotel leaves on your pillow, a cafe that puts out water for your pooch, or that rare handwritten ‘thank you’ note, you have to admit that small gestures can go a long way. We couldn’t agree more – especially when it comes to the topic of web design. It’s important to remember that there are lots of little touches you can add to create a unique website.

Image Button

New on the Wix scene, this feature is one of our current favorites. It’s small, but when it comes to getting people to click on your offers, it packs a powerful punch. It’s noticeable, intuitive, and has great animations effects on mouse hover and mouse click. To see the new button on your site: click the plus icon (“Add”) on the upper left side of the Wix editor → Buttons & Menus → Image Button.

small features for a big website

Page Transitions

Have you ever really thought about changing the way your pages transition from one to the next? Here’s how to play around with your page transition settings: on the upper left side of the Wix editor, click on Pages → Page Transitions → toggle between the different options. Changing your page’s transition style can give your site a whole new and possibly welcome feel.

small features for a big website2

Customized Social Icons

Your social icons are a hugely important part of your site. They connect all of your social channels to your website, making your site your social HQ. With that said, how cool would it be if you had total control of how they looked? Well you just happen to be in luck – we’ve got an App for that! The brand new POWr Social Media Icons App lets you control how your icons look on your site. The next logical step will be to customize your social media icons to exactly match the look and feel of your website. Nifty, right?

Search Bar

Adding a search bar to your website makes it ten times more user-friendly. This is especially true if your website has frequently changing content or products. Thanks to Site Search, a free new app available through the Wix App Market, you can simply save your visitors’ time by letting them seek out exactly what it is they want. What’s even better, you can see what people are searching for to optimize your product line. Just make sure you place the search bar where it’s easy to find so people don’t end up wishing there was a search bar they could use to find your search bar.

small features for a big website4

Email Signup

With email signup, you can engage with your site visitors in a much more effective way, bringing relevant updates and info directly to your followers instead of hoping they check your website in time. Wix users can send beautiful newsletters right from their Wix account just by adding Wix ShoutOut. With the same drag-and-drop style that you created your website with, you can create beautiful custom made email newsletters in a snap.

Add the Get Subscribers app to generate new contacts for your email newsletters. The Get Subscribers app is a helpful pop-up that prompts your website viewers to add their email addresses to your contact lists, and stay up to date with any exciting newsletter announcements that you have waiting for them.

Email Signup

Custom Favicon

Full disclosure: this is indeed a premium feature – but we still feel it’s worth mentioning. Favicons are those little icons that get displayed in the address bar of every browser. Needless to say, it’s a small piece of the branding puzzle, but a gratifying one and it’s very easy to add. When site visitors have a lot of tabs open, your little favicon can guide them to your site and help them form a stronger connection with your brand. Once you’ve upgraded (to any premium package except for ‘Connect Domain’), you simply go to Settings → Favicon → and upload your icon. You can check out this short fantastic tutorial for more info.

small features for a big website6

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