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Online Advertising \ FEB 7th 2011

What Is UGC And Why Your Website Needs It

What Is UGC And Why Your Website Needs It

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content, or UGC, is just what it sounds like: content added to a website, exclusively contributed by online users. Every webmaster’s dream is to somehow trigger a waterfall of good, quality UGC. The work is done for you. Users are writing content for you, causing your site’s content to grow, for free.

2 Popular Examples of UGC Websites

Original content is a commodity when it comes to website building. Let’s take a look at 2 examples of websites who were able to take UGC to a viral level. The key is their appeal to two very different human emotions.


User Generated Content

“F*ck My Life” (pardon my French) is a place for anonymous internet users to post brief anecdotes describing a “sh*tty thing which ruined their day”. The posts all start with “Today…” and end with “FML.”

Each message contains a horror story relating to the user’s misfortune earlier that day. Popular posts are about cruel break-ups, and embarrassing mishaps. Some are lighthearted and humorous. Others are legitimately tragic and downright depressing. Others fall in between:

User Generated Content FMyLife

If perverse pleasure is your thing, FML offers a safe (and entertaining) place to bask in the glory of other people’s misfortune.


User Generated Content

LoveGivesMeHope is the rosier, more optimistic (and mushier) version of FML: the site’s tagline is “Stories That Make You Go “AWW!. LGMH was actually built as a response to the “downer” nature of FML.

Users post heartwarming snippets about their relationships, inspiring tales of human compassion amongst strangers, and uplifting anecdotes.

How users contribute to your site

Which Grabs Your Attention More?

Needless to say, LGMH’s readers are birds of a different feather compared to the crew over at FML.

The viral nature of each site can probably be attributed to common human psychological needs. Sharing a story about your crappy day can have a cathartic effect. At least you might make someone else laugh at the absurdity that is your life. It’s sort of like venting to an anonymous audience.

Comparing UGC SitesLMGH boasts a “1 Million Monthly Visitors” stat on its homepage. The site allows users to openly gush to a supportive community of fellow saps (Is it clear which site I prefer?). Decide for yourself if LGMH makes you go “AWW!”. Depending on the day of the week, we might find solace in both of these popular, UGC sites.

UGC for Your Wix Site…?

Add a comments form to your website, through the widgets section of Wix’ website builder. Pose a controversial question that your visitors will relate to.You could also add a ‘reviews’ section to your website, encouraging clients to send feedback about your products or services. Alternatively, you can create a “Dear Abby” section where you reply to clients’ questions and provide them with professional advice.

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