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Xero Sync by Amaka
By Amaka
Free plan available

Xero Sync by Amaka

By Amaka
Automatically sync sales and fees to Xero
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Free plan available

Xero Sync by Amaka overview

    Sync sales, payments, fees, taxes and more to a daily summarized invoice or individual invoices
    Transactions are automatically matched to the bank feed for fast-tracked reconciliation
    Back sync up to 12 months of historical data
    Get started on a 100% free plan or 7-day premium free-trial
The Xero accounting integration by Amaka will automatically sync your site's transactions to Xero. Choose between a daily summarized invoice or an individual invoice for every order. Sales, fees, taxes and other transaction types can be mapped to relevant accounts. Amaka will automatically match these to the bank feed to fast-track the bank reconciliation process. There are multiple configuration options. For the 2-Minute Express setup configuration, the integration will automatically map transactions by creating default accounts. Advanced setup configuration allows for custom mapping. We recommend scheduling a call with one of our Integration Specialists who will help you decide on the best configuration method and guide you through the setup. The team are available 24/7 for unlimited, 1:1 support through video call, live chat or helpdesk. Save hours every month on manual data entry and reconciliation. Never worry about missed orders or duplicates.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 7-day free trial
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Free plan


Up to 60 transactions per month
Single location
Default mapping and summarized view
Unlimited support
Premium plan


Up to 500 transactions per month
2 locations
Custom mapping and detailed breakdown
Unlimited support
Premium+ plan


Unlimited monthly transactions and loc
Detailed breakdown by category or prod
Custom mapping
Unlimited support
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