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Wix Restaurants Menus
By Wix
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Wix Restaurants Menus

By Wix
Showcase your food online
Free to install
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  • Wix Restaurants Menus overview

        Multiple menus: create online and printable menus for any occasion or event, like, "Breakfast", “Late Night” or a “New Year’s Menu”
        Eye-catching layouts: personalize a responsive, mobile-optimized menu template to match your restaurant’s look and feel
        Customizable dishes: let customers select different sizes, flavors, sides and ingredients
        Labels: guide customers with dietary labels like vegan, gluten-free or levels of spiciness
    Create menus that show off your food and help customers understand exactly what they’re ordering. With Wix Restaurants Menus, you get professional menus that make your food look as great as it tastes. You can also now design printable menus to use in your physical locations with Wix Menu Printing.
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