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WhatsApp Chat Button
By InnoTech
Free plan available

WhatsApp Chat Button

By InnoTech
Convert more users through a smooth integration
5.0 (2)
Free plan available

WhatsApp Chat Button overview

    One-Tap Chat Opening - A minimalistic icon that springs open a WhatsApp chat, streamlining communication.
    Dual Compatibility - Whether on mobile or desktop, our widget smartly opens the conversation in the user's WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Web.
    Pre-filled intro message - Type in advance and have your messages ready to go as soon as the chat window pops up.
    Easy Configuration - An intuitive dashboard lets you effortlessly customize the button settings to match your site's style and needs.
Transform your site with our innovative WhatsApp widget, the ultimate tool for boosting user engagement and sales. This elegant add-on seamlessly integrates a discreet yet accessible chat icon, instantly connecting visitors to WhatsApp, either on mobile or web. Its simplicity belies its power; with just a click, pre-filled messages spring into action, facilitating effortless communication. The user-friendly dashboard allows for quick customization, aligning perfectly with your brand aesthetic. Ideal for businesses aiming to elevate their online presence, our widget not only enhances user experience but also significantly boosts conversion rates. Engage more, sell more, and create lasting connections with our easy-to-use, highly effective WhatsApp widget.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Try our limited but customized WhatsApp button in your site and start boosting conversions and sales!
Plus plan


No "Powered by InnoTech Apps" logo
Modify the intro message content
Change the button position
Toggle the red notification dot
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