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Welcome Bar
By Hero Apps
Free plan available

Welcome Bar

By Hero Apps
Add a welcome bar to gather emails & get likes
Free plan available

Welcome Bar overview

    Post custom messages on the top or bottom of your page
    Collect email address and grow your mailing list
    Link visitors to specific pages in your site
    Add a countdown timer for limited time offers
Communicate with your visitors as soon as they open your website. Welcome Bar is a versatile strip located at the top/bottom of your site, that lets you add one of the following features - a mailing list signup box, a Facebook Like/Recommend button, a promotional link, or a simple message. Its fixed position means it appears on every page of your website and attracts visitors in a seamless and elegant way. Create a custom message for your top bar, that visitors will see on every page. Put up multiple messages in a MOVING TEXT news slider. Add a countdown timer at the top of your site, for special time limited offers. Add a link to drive more traffic to a specific URL - within your own site or an outside website. Add a Facebook Like or Recommend button that visitors can see immediately. Grow your mailing list by collecting emails right from the top bar. Use as cookie alert. Use MULTIPLE BARS, and set a different bar for each website page!
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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