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ToastiBar - Sales Popup
By MakeProSimp
Free plan available

ToastiBar - Sales Popup

By MakeProSimp
Sales, Cart, Visitors, Review Popups & more
Free plan available

ToastiBar - Sales Popup overview

    Reduce cart abandonment & boost conversion
    Display multiple types of popups and make the store busy
    Supports Multi-Language: Displays Popups In English, French, & 74 languages
    Powerful analytical data: track clicks, impressions, CTR, etc
Creating a dynamic and engaging shopping experience on your e-commerce website can significantly enhance customer trust and boost sales. Here's how you can use various notifications to improve your online store: 1. Sales Popups: Build trust by displaying recent sales to show your store's credibility. 2. Add to Cart Popups: Encourage visitors to take action by displaying items added to the cart. 3. Online Visitors' Popups: Showcase the number of active visitors to create a bustling online store atmosphere. 4. Recent Visitors' Popups: Highlight recent website visitors to make your store seem active and popular. 5. Product Visitors' Popups: Draw attention to specific products being viewed by others. 6. Product Review Popups: Boost trust and conversions by showcasing positive product reviews. 7. Low Inventories Popups: Alert customers when product stock is running low to create a sense of urgency. 8. Cart Summary Popups: Real-time cart additions, concise summaries, and insights for visitor decision-making. Consider using the "ToastiBar - Sales Popup" app for easy implementation. These notifications can enhance the shopping experience, improve customer trust, and drive sales.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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This app offers a 14-day free trial
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Unlimited Orders/month Unlimited Notifications/month Unlimited Sessions/month Unlimited Visitors/month Sales Notifications
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All Free Plan Features Cart Notifications Visitors Notifications Summary Notifications Additional Designs Analytics Priority Support
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All Essential Plan Features Product Reviews Notification Low Inventories Notification And many more...
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