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SocialBox: Quick Social Bar
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From $6.00 / month

SocialBox: Quick Social Bar

By Certified Code
Easily create & show your socials in one place
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From $6.00 / month

SocialBox: Quick Social Bar overview

    Customizable Sidebar Position: Choose your preferred location for the sidebar - Left, Right, Top, or Bottom. Tailor the app layout to fit seamlessly into your user interface.
    Versatile Icon Shape Options: Personalize the appearance of icons with Square, Round, or Circle shapes. Match the app's aesthetic to your design preferences.
    Dynamic Animation Styles: Elevate user experience with a variety of animation styles. Opt for a subtle "Grow" effect or keep it simple with a smooth transition. Customize how SocialBox engages your users.
    Adaptable Color Themes: Tailor the app's visual style with Dark or Light color themes. Harmonize SocialBox with your overall app design for a cohesive and engaging user interface.
Welcome to SocialBox, the ultimate social integration app that empowers you to customize and enhance your social media experience like never before. With a host of features designed to give you full control over your social interactions, SocialBox is your go-to solution for a personalized and engaging online presence.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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You can translate all app content displayed on your site into any language.

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