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Smart Zipcode Validator
By Joboapps
From $4.50 / month

Smart Zipcode Validator

By Joboapps
Allows the customers to check the availability
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From $4.50 / month

Smart Zipcode Validator overview

    Personalize zipcode widget according to your store theme style, including text
    Customers can quickly check product availability through area zipcode
    Easy-to-use app configuration and clean design, one-click simple setup
    Check product availability via a popup in all pages and inline form in product page
The smart zipcode validator is very useful for all website owners, zip-code validator is used to provide the customer an option to verify whether or not a product can be delivered in a specific locality. Once a customer arrives on the Product Details Page , below the product name section, there will be an input field provided to enter the zip code of the customer's location. The Smart zipcode Validator app allows the customers to check the availability of the products in any particular area just by entering the zip code.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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