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Simple Social Auto Post
By Simple Apps
Free Plan Available

Simple Social Auto Post

By Simple Apps
Automate your social media posting
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Free Plan Available
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  • Simple Social Auto Post Overview

        Scheduled social posting for new blog articles
        Scheduled social posting for new store products
        Deal of the week - Create automatic deal of the week campaign and drive sales to your store
        Post automatically upon creation of new Blog posts or Store products
    Simple Post is an easy to use social media auto-post, which takes less than two minutes to set up. If you need to publish your blog posts or products to your Facebook, Twitter on a daily basis, your social media management is about to be way easier! Ease of use Connecting your social media accounts and setting up the system is super easy, you will see a real-life preview of what the actual post would look like so you can approve it and have complete control over your social media feed. Existing social media process Are you working closely with Facebook, Twitter to send out posts manually? No...
    worries! Simple post does not interfere with your existing social media posting. It integrates with your current process and simply lets you add scheduled product/blog posts automatically to your social media feed. Scheduling & posting options You can schedule your posts at specific times during the day. For example, if you select “09:00”, at Tuesdays then each time you create a new blog post/product store item (your choice) the system will wait for this time and then post in the social networks for you!
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