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Scrollbar: Design & Customize
By Certified Code
From $6.00 / month

Scrollbar: Design & Customize

By Certified Code
Create custom scroll bar design in seconds
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From $6.00 / month

Scrollbar: Design & Customize overview

    Editable Scrollbar: Tailor the scrollbar to your preferences with easy-to-use customization options.
    Real-time Preview: See your design changes instantly with a live preview, ensuring your scrollbar looks just right.
    Quick Creation: Craft a custom scrollbar in seconds, making it simple for users to add a unique touch to their apps and websites.
Only supports Chrome, Safari, Edge (Chromium) Unlock a new level of design freedom with Scrollbar: Design & Customize, the ultimate tool for creating personalized scrollbars for your apps and websites. With its intuitive features and real-time preview, you can effortlessly transform the way users navigate through your content.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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