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Right Click Blocker
By Rubyroid Tech
From $0 / month

Right Click Blocker

By Rubyroid Tech
Stop Right Clicks, Protect Your Content
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From $0 / month

Right Click Blocker overview

    Prevent 'Save Image As', block text copying, and stop drag-and-drop actions
    Keep your users happy — no banners, no popups
    Simple setup, adaptable to any theme changes
    Fully functional on both desktop and mobile devices
Finding your content stolen can be frustrating – safeguard your store's content with Right Click Blocker. Stop content pirates in their tracks. Disable right-click “Save As”, copy, and paste functions. Fully optimized for mobile devices. Customize your protection to perfectly balance security with user experience. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing for your customers with no disruptive pop-ups or alerts.
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