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By FlexByt, Inc.
Premium Site Required


By FlexByt, Inc.
Verified Product Reviews to Boost Trust & Sales
Premium Site Required

ReviewsJet overview

    Collect and display reviews on your website
    Review widgets 100% customizable
    Send Email Review Requests
    Reply To New Reviews And More…
Are you looking for a way to display business and product reviews on your Wix website? Look no further! ReviewsJet is ideal for collecting and displaying quality reviews on your website. Connect your Google or Yelp account and see your reviews displayed on your website. Voila! Fully customizable, ReviewsJet allows you to take complete control of the look and feel of your review widget. You can customize your review widget to match your brand and website style. ReviewsJet offers a clean, simple, and easy-to-use admin dashboard where you can publish, unpublish, delete, or reply to your reviews. Right on your dashboard, you can receive and publish reviews. With ReviewsJet, you can set your reviews collection on autopilot by sending your customers automatic review requests. Right from the ReviewsJet dashboard, you can contact us should you need support. We are available for you 24/7. We're just getting started. Great features are on the way. We are inviting you to join the ride :)
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
App languages:
You can translate all app content displayed on your site into any language.
Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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Professional plan


Full Widget Customization
Display 500 Reviews on Each Page
Import Google Reviews
500 order review requests per month
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