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Request a Quote
By WD Strategies
From $9.99 / month

Request a Quote

By WD Strategies
Let customers request a quote for your store
2.5 (8)
From $9.99 / month

Request a Quote overview

    Allow users to request a quote in your store
    Review all quotes received
    Capture contact information for future nurturing campaigns
    Offer an online wholesale experience to prospective customers
Request a Quote is a solution from WD that introduces advanced functionality for your e-commerce store. Store owners can allow customers to submit requests for quotes instead of (or in addition to) purchasing. This is helpful for service providers, B2B retailers, etc. who want to collect information from prospective customers/clients before the purchase decision is made. The Business plan includes additional widgets custom-designed for stores where pricing is not shown to users and when online checkout is not offered. It also allows you to add advanced fields, like date input, file uploads, and multiple choice selections.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pro plan


Allow customers to request a quote
Collect & review quote submissions
Integrates with Wix Stores
Business plan


Everything in Pro
Advanced Fields
Quote Review Page without Pricing
White-Glove Installation Offered
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