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Releva.nz Dynamic Retargeting
By releva GmbH
Premium Site Required

Releva.nz Dynamic Retargeting

By releva GmbH
Turn your store visitors into buyers
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Premium Site Required

Releva.nz Dynamic Retargeting overview

    Smart use of retargeting ads
    Automatic creation of dynamic banner ads
    Campaign optimization based on artificial intelligence
    Real-time statistics in the webshop backend
The releva.nz app lets you target store visitors with personalized, product-based online banners, even after they have already left your store. Thanks to this, part of the visitors who had abandoned their cart are being reactivated: they return to your shop and finish their purchase. Your conversion rate rises significantly and your profit from sustainable sales increases! You do not need any marketing knowledge for our plugin and thus, it’s super easy to handle. Thanks to campaign creation and optimization being based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), releva.nz is suitable for online merchants of any size. You can now get a free trial of our releva.nz app for 30 days including all its features. We even give you an ad budget of 30 EUR to get started.
This app isn't available yet for United States of America, but it’s available for
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Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 30-day free trial
Starter plan


Free Support
Automatic dynamic ads
Real-time statistics
+30% commission on the advertising
Business plan


everything of the starter
Integration of your own ads
Personal Account Manager
* Price is in USD

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