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Redirect Manager
By Zendapps
Premium Site Required

Redirect Manager

By Zendapps
Redirection of visitors based on their country
5.0 (1)
Premium Site Required

Redirect Manager overview

    Auto redirect visitors to regional store
    Display Popup / Bar and ask users before redirection
    Localize the text based on the country
    Whitelist IP addresses and Whitelist URLs
Redirecting customers to the regional store is feasible. Research has shown that customers are more likely to trust stores that use their native language. Additionally, you can redirect visitors to any page in your shop or an external URL. This can significantly improve your conversion rate.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
App languages:
Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 10-day free trial
Premium plan


Display Popup Box & Bar to Visitors
Redirect Visitors to Regional Store
Localize the text based on the country
Create Unlimited Rules
* Price is in USD

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