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RealEstate - ROI Calculator
By RealEstate Plugins
14 day free trial

RealEstate - ROI Calculator

By RealEstate Plugins
Keep Visitors Engaged, Close More Deals
2.0 (4)
14 day free trial

RealEstate - ROI Calculator overview

    Supports interest-only and amortized mortgages
    Estimate rental revenue against expenses monthly and yearly
    See valuation and cost/sq ft against rehab costs
    Language Completely Customizable
Help your real estate website stand out while you capture leads. Our Return on Investment calculator increases retention and allows visitors to review the profitability of potential deals. The form allows for repair costs, monthly charges and mortgage costs to be evaluated against rental revenue with profitability reports automatically generated. With the Premium edition, let visitors email themselves their reports while providing you their contact details.
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This app offers a 14-day free trial
Starter ROI Caclulator plan


Easy to use for new investors
Helps build user enagement
Easy to read report auto-built
14 Day Free Trial
LeadGen ROI Calculator plan


All the benefits of Starter
'Send My Report' email added
Email content customizable
Leads shown in Dashboard report
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