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rankingCoach Get Found Online
By rankingCoach
Free to install

rankingCoach Get Found Online

By rankingCoach
SEO, Listing & Ads for better Google rankings
Free to install

rankingCoach Get Found Online overview

    Track activity, reviews, mentions and more from you and your competitors. Activate Brand Watch and protect your business today 100% for FREE
    Reach the top of Google with an SEO Strategy based on individual tipps as well as tricks tailored to your website
    Get more customers and increase your online revenues with listings in up to 30+ top directories with only 1-click
    Boost your site traffic with professional Google Ads campaigns that take minutes to launch (Coming soon)
Digital Marketing - SEO, Google Ads, Directory Listing, Social Media, Brand and Reputation - all in ONE App. rankingCoach is the one and only Digital Marketing App that helps you elevate your business to the top of Google - with no prior knowledge needed! It does’t matter if you want to gain more clients through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), maintain control of your brand and reviews or instantly buy some more traffic to your website with Google Ads! rankingCoach helps ensure that your revenue will only grow! - Get to the Top of Google: SEO Analysis, rankings, keywords + tips, and tricks! - Traffic Booster: High-performing Google Ads campaigns with a few clicks (coming soon)! - Directory Listings: Sync your business information everywhere instantly! - Brand Monitoring: Keep track of reputation and important information impacting your business! - Competitor Insights: Be aware of what your competitors are doing in order to stay ahead! Imagine a world where Digital Marketing is so easy that all can be done easily and effectively by yourself in order to boost your business. Digital marketing made easy. rankingCoach. The award-winning online marketing suite!
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rankingCoach FREE plan


Brand Watch - 100% FREE!
Track 5 keyword rankings
Mention, reviews & ranking alerts
Competitor activity notifications
rankingCoach SEO plan


All Brand Watch Benefits
Track 20 keyword rankings
Customized SEO strategy for your site
Easy video tutorials for your rankings
rankingCoach SEO+LOCAL plan


All Brand Watch + SEO Benefits
Track 35 keyword rankings
Auto creating & publishing of listings
Business data updates & protection
* Price is in USD

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