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Protect: Ads Blocker Detector
By Certified Code
14 day free trial

Protect: Ads Blocker Detector

By Certified Code
Unleash the Power of Protection
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14 day free trial

Protect: Ads Blocker Detector overview

    Effortless Integration: Seamlessly incorporate the AdBlock Detector Pro into your website with no coding required, ensuring a hassle-free setup for website owners and marketers.
    Comprehensive Ad-Blocker Detection: Identify the use of popular ad-blockers such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and uBlock Origin, providing accurate insights into your audience's ad-viewing preferences.
    User-Friendly Popup Messaging: Engage users with a customizable popup message prompting them to disable their ad blockers, encouraging a positive user experience and fostering cooperation with your website's ad policies.
    Lightweight and High Performance: Experience optimal performance with a lightweight plugin, allowing for quick detection without compromising website speed, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for all users.
Protect: Ads Blocker Detector - Elevate ad revenue effortlessly. Seamless integration, pinpoint ad-blocker detection, engaging popups, and lightning-fast performance—no coding needed. Maximize revenue with ease.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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