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Propane Chat
By PropaneChat
14 day free trial

Propane Chat

By PropaneChat
Instantly answer customer questions with ChatGPT
14 day free trial

Propane Chat overview

    Customized AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, answering your customer's questions in seconds.
    The chatbot is immediately trained on your website's content when installed.
    Propane Chat is integrated directly into Wix Chat allowing you to see and take control of the conversation anytime.
    Add additional training documents and chat corrections for further customize and train Propane Chat
Answer your website visitors' questions in seconds, increase website conversions, and never answer the same question twice, with an AI-powered chatbot trained on your site's content automatically. Full integrated with Wix, Propane Chat allows you to take control of the conversation any time as well as see all chat histories in the way you are already familiar with. Further customize your custom chatbot by adding additional training documents and chat corrections in the Propane Chat dashboard. -Integrates seamlessly with the default Wix Chat App. -Decrease response time and increase conversions -See all customer conversations and robot responses anytime and forever. -Interrupt PropaneChat at any time (Propane Chat will then pause it's responses to that person for 10 minutes). -Upload additional training documents and Chat Corrections. -Pause robot responses whenever you like in the app dashboard. It only takes the click of a button to add to your site. When you sign up up we automatically upload your site's content to your new chatbot and begin answering customer questions. Add Propane Chat to your site with no coding and watch it learn from your website in real-time.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 14-day free trial
Premium plan


Answer customer questions in seconds
10k messages/month
Unlimited chat corrections
Give your bot custom instructions
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