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Privacy Policy, Terms and more
By Clawdia AI
From $15.00 / month

Privacy Policy, Terms and more

By Clawdia AI
The automated legal solution you can trust
From $15.00 / month

Privacy Policy, Terms and more overview

    Save time and money
    Generate a personalized privacy policy
    Gain clarity
    Avoid expensive legal mistakes
Clawdia is the only holistic and personalized legal tool designed to simplify the legal world for you and give you complete confidence. What does Clawdia do for you? It can help you generate a personalized Privacy Policy We have everything you Need to Know: Watch short informational videos that explain everything you need to know about the legal topic and how to avoid critical legal mistakes, just like a lawyer would explain it to you. Personalized Contract Drafting: Create tailor-made contracts, especially suited to your circumstances. Get relevant explanations for each part of the contract, so you know exactly what you are signing. Guidance Every Step of the Way: Simple, friendly, easy-to-understand explanations that guide and help you with your decision-making. One Integrated Solution: Easily manage contracts as drafts. Share, track, sign, store, and access securely from any device.
This app is only available for United States of America.
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Personalized contract drafting
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