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Price Drop Alert
By Webkul
Premium Site Required

Price Drop Alert

By Webkul
Send Emails on product price drop every time
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Premium Site Required

Price Drop Alert overview

    Pop-up view for top 10 subscribed products.
    A store owner can easily come to know most demanded products by the customers or guest users. Helps to increase the sales.
    A customer or guest user can unsubscribe from the email notification in future.
    A CSV download option for store owners for specific period of time.
The store owner can view the top 10 subscribed products in the pop-up on their screen whenever they refresh the same window. According to that list, they can change the price of the subscribed products accordingly. Whenever the price will be dropped by the admin, the customer will receive an email notification for the same. This will increase the revenue of the store which is directly proportional to the sale of products. The email notification template can be customized by the store owner as per their necessity. Also, the store owner can export the subscribed user's data into a CSV file format as per their requirements.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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