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PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ)
By PrettyDamnQuick
From $50 / month

PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ)

By PrettyDamnQuick
Simple Logistics, Fulfillment & Delivery
From $50 / month
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  • PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ) overview

        Simple 4 Step Logistic Workflow Anyone Can Master
        Smart Dynamic Checkout with Unlimited Delivery Options
        Full Order Visibility: Picking, Packing, Label Printing and Tracking
        Easily Connect and Track to Multiple Carriers from One Dashboard
    PDQ: Plug & Play Logistics from Checkout to Delivery No more confusing excel sheets, late deliveries, or unhappy customers! Delivery is at the center of the customer experience. PDQ streamlines every aspect of your order and delivery management to quickly make you a logistics expert. PDQ gets smarter with every order, reducing your labor costs and increasing your shipping revenues, all while exceeding your customers’ expectations. So if you want to delight your customers and build brand loyalty by keeping your delivery promise, without all the bull-sh*p, get started today, we’ll get you there Pretty Damn Quickly. BENEFITS: - Grow your business substantially without increasing manpower - Significantly reduce your operational costs - Easily connect to endless carriers, 3PLs, and virtually every delivery method imaginable - Eliminate the distraction of logistic headaches and free up time to focus on increasing sales - Save the Planet: Remarkably reduce your paper usage - Automate and streamline repetitive processes - Reduce errors and returns, eliminate inaccurate and duplicate deliveries - Compete with big brands by delivering consistently and on-time
    This app is only available for Israel.
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    Up to 300 deliveries per month
    Connect unlimited carriers
    4 users
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    Up to 600 deliveries per month
    Connect to unlimited carriers
    6 users
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    Up to 1500 deliveries per month
    Connect to unlimited carriers
    10 users
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