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Post It Notes
By Widgetic
Free plan available

Post It Notes

By Widgetic
Make critical messages easy to spot on a page.
Free plan available

Post It Notes overview

    Encourage visitors to engage by using post it notes that are easy to notice.
    Use several post-it notes in a grid to illustrate a story-map or an affinity diagram. This grouping will trigger ideas and clicks.
    People use post-it notes to remember things in real life and will naturally be drawn to them.
    Choose between different paper and clip types to fit with your design style.
Do you have a message you want to get across? Make your customers feel compelled to interact by using a format familiar to them. Post-it notes are often associated with to-do lists. People use them to remember things, either in their personal or professional life. This means your customers won't pass by without noticing the message. They come in any shape and color, usually on different types of papers. So we decided to support many paper types, colors and pins as well.
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Easy to start with preset layouts.
Customizable design.
Mobile friendly UI.
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Remove branding.
Change pin type.
Adjust paper format.
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