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Easy Polls & Surveys
Free plan available

Easy Polls & Surveys

Get customer feedback with simple polls/surveys
Free plan available

Easy Polls & Surveys overview

    20+ element options - dropdowns, multiple choice, email, images, star ratings
    Get instant submission notifications and send custom email autoresonders
    Advanced submission controls and CAPTCHA to prevent spammers
    Organize submissions in the POWR Dashboard. Syncs with Inbox and Contacts, Google Sheets
"Poll/Survey Management: - Add the elements you need to gather the insights you're after, like customer satisfaction, NPS scores, product features, new hire questionnaires, and more. - Pre-built professional templates to choose from or start from scratch - A fully customizable design for your survey or poll, including custom colors, fonts, size, background, and more. - Get names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, dates, and more to register or sign up visitors - Use conditional logic to show/hide questions based on user responses - Split poll/survey into multiple pages (or multi-steps) - Redirect users after submission or show them a customized 'Thank You' message Submissions Management: - Instant poll/survey submission alerts - Add reCAPTCHA verification to prevent spammers and scammers - Use the responses dashboard for a summary of your poll and survey submissions - Automatically sync new responses into Contacts and get notified in your Inbox - Connect to Mailchimp, Omnisend, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, or use Zapier for 1000s of other time-saving apps Feel confident and secure with the POWR Help Center, offering answers to common questions via live chat or 24/7 email support.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

Free plan


Add up to 6 elements
Instant poll/survey submission alerts
Autoresponder email
Responses dashboard & data export
Starter plan


All of Free + remove POWR branding
Add up to 12 elements
Customizable success screen
CAPTCHA protection
Pro plan


All of Starter +
Advanced submission controls
Smart conditional logic
All integrations: Mailchimp,Zapier,etc
Business plan


All of Pro +
Unlimited elements
Unlimited submissions
Custom CSS/JS
* Price is in USD

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