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PDF Viewer Pro
By XtendApp
Free to install

PDF Viewer Pro

By XtendApp
A Fully Functional PDF Viewer
Free to install

PDF Viewer Pro overview

    Easily upload and display PDF files on your site
    Keep your content safe and secure
    Multi device responsiveness
    Dynamic user interface
Why Should You Try the XtendApp PDF Viewer App? Because it is seamless, efficient, and functional. Equipped with a flawless user interface aided by a Slide Menu Bar and Automatic Scroll, our app can be added as an extension to any website in a few clicks and enables you to perform countless of tasks effortlessly. DYNAMIC USER INTERFACE: easy on the eye, simple to navigate, and highly functional. From customizing the PDF setting to match your website, different screen modes, and zoom-in-zoom out to a unique Slide Menu Bar - this app has got it all. MULTI-DEVICE RESPONSIVE: Enabled with the Full-Screen Mode option, our PDF Viewer is equally responsive on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobiles. No matter where your users are, they’ll not be disappointed. The PDF is as versatile as it gets. SAFE & SECURE: Our ‘Read Only’ feature prevents website visitors from copy-pasting content from your website, while other security features allow you to control who downloads or prints your document. *Please note that the free version watermark is seen in the trial version of the app and can be removed once you upgrade your plan. *Each individual PDF is limited to a maximum size of 25 mb.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

Basic plan


1 PDF Widget
10MB Storage
Free Version Watermark
Starter plan


3 PDF Widgets
40MB Storage
Customized Mobile View
Advanced plan


5 PDF Widgets
150MB Storage
Everything in Starter plan
Deluxe plan


Unlimited PDF Widgets & storage
Everything in Advanced plan
Download & Print PDF
Premium Email Support
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