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OnVoard: Product Recommender
By OnVoard
Premium Site Required

OnVoard: Product Recommender

By OnVoard
Frequently Bought Together, Recently Viewed
Premium Site Required

OnVoard: Product Recommender overview

    14 Recommendation Logics - Plenty of product recommendation options to help you showcase related products.
    Product Upsell - Use logic like frequently bought together for product upsell and boost average order value.
    Social Proof Personalization - Generate more sales by adding social proofs to personalize product recommendations.
Why choose OnVoard Product Recommendation 1) Meta Labels The number one differentiation is that our product recommendations come with an option to display meta labels. Meta labels like "25% of customers bought this together" serves as social proofs to convince customers WHY they should add the product to cart. Below are some examples: - Frequently Bought Together: 25% of customers bought this together - Also Bought: 7.6X more likely to buy - Selling Out Soon: 3 units left - New Arrivals: Added 5 hours ago - Recently Sold: Last Sold 3 hours ago - Recently Viewed: Last Viewed 5 mins ago 2) 14 Types of Product Recommendations Gain access to our rich library of product recommendations. Each personalized recommendations can be easily set up in a plug-and-play manner. Below are types of product recommendations that we provide. - Frequently Bought Together - Also Bought - Similar Items - Recently Viewed - Handpicked Items - Best Selling - Trending - Selling Fast - Selling Out Soon - New Arrivals - Discounted Items - Top Rated - Recently Sold - Recently Reviewed
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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You can translate all app content displayed on your site into any language.
Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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