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MLS Real Estate Search
By RealEstate Plugins
14 day free trial

MLS Real Estate Search

By RealEstate Plugins
Modern MLS Listing is just a click away
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14 day free trial

MLS Real Estate Search overview

    Built-in interest contact form
    Convenient automatic map search
    RESO compatible with your MLS provider
Now you can offer your visitors a full suite of real estate search tools without needing to touch any code. With the built-in map landing page, visitors will see properties in their area, color coded by type, with prices. Our map is also mobile-friendly, so smartphone traffic wont be missing out on any of your offers. When a visitor is interested in one of your properties, a contact form is built right into the listing - eliminating the need to copy email addresses or jump to other pages. In your Admin area, you can: Control what types of properties are visible Connect to any modern MLS provider using their RESO interface Manage your own portfolio of properties Get a comprehensive interest report
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

This app offers a 14-day free trial
Starter plan


Built-in mapping
RESO Compatabile
Manage up to 1,000 properties
Lead Generator plan


All of the features of the Starter
Interest form on property listing
Deluxe plan


All the benefits of Lead Generator
Manage more than 1,000 properties
* Price is in USD

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