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Mercuri AI Chatbot
By Mercuri CX
Premium Site Required

Mercuri AI Chatbot

By Mercuri CX
Instantly engage customers with ChatGPT
5.0 (5)
Premium Site Required

Mercuri AI Chatbot overview

    24/7 Customer Engagement with AI. Instant responses to all customer queries using ChatGPT.
    Product Recommendations. Intelligent product recommendations helping you increase upsells.
    Seamless integration with Wix Chat
    Train chatbot on your website data as soon as the app is installed
Elevate your website's customer service experience with Mercuri CX's advanced AI Chatbot, seamlessly integrated into Wix. Our state-of-the-art chatbot is designed to provide instant, accurate responses to your visitors' queries, ensuring a significant boost in website engagement and conversions. - Instant Integration with Wix Chat App: Mercuri CX's chatbot blends perfectly with the default Wix Chat App, offering a smooth and consistent user experience. - Rapid Response Time, Higher Conversions: Say goodbye to delayed responses. Our AI chatbot engages visitors instantly, answering questions based on your website's content, which is crucial in increasing website conversions. - Comprehensive Chat Histories: Monitor and access all customer interactions and bot responses at any time. This perpetual record-keeping ensures you never miss a beat in understanding your customers' needs. - Customization and Learning: Enhance the chatbot's performance by uploading additional training documents and correcting chat responses. This feature allows the bot to learn continuously and adapt to your specific business requirements.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Site Requirements:
- Premium Plan
- Connected Domain

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Basic plan


30 messages/month
No Wix Chat Integration
Limited Support
Starter plan


2,000 messages/month
Wix Chat Integration
Email Support
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