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Logic: Advanced Logic for eCom
By Certified Code
Free plan available

Logic: Advanced Logic for eCom

By Certified Code
Apply advanced business logic to eCom checkout
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Free plan available

Logic: Advanced Logic for eCom overview

    Charge additional fees the way you want
    Display custom shipping options and rates
    Setup custom rules without code
Introducing Logic: Advanced Logic for eCom by Certified Code - the ultimate customization tool for your eCommerce store! Elevate your checkout experience with our powerful app that offers: Flexible Additional Fees: Implement custom fees based on criteria like location, product type, and customer group. Custom Shipping Options and Rates: Personalize shipping options using rules based on order value, weight, and destination. Code-free Custom Rules: Easily create and manage custom rules with our user-friendly interface - no coding skills required! Why choose Logic: Advanced Logic for eCom? Highly customizable to suit your business needs Easy-to-use interface for both beginners and experts Regular updates and dedicated customer support Boost your revenue and enhance customer satisfaction with Logic: Advanced Logic for eCom. Install today and revolutionize your eCom checkout experience!
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1 Additional Fees Rule
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Unlimited Additional Fees Rules
Unlimited Custom Shipping Option Rules
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