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By Isendu S.r.l.
21 day free trial


By Isendu S.r.l.
Manage your orders from a single dashboard
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21 day free trial

isendu overview

    We provide a single dashboard to manage all stages of sales and shipping.
    First of all your business. isendu is easy to use because it has been designed so that you don't waste time and energy.
    Always by your side. For us it means helping the people and companies that have chosen us as a partner.
    The solutions we have developed are designed to maximize the customer satisfaction.
isendu allows you to automate all the stages, from receiving the order to shipping the package, until the tracking and the notification. You can manage orders from a single dashboard, automatically generate shipping labels, update tracking on sales channels and easily compare shipping rates. isendu is the ideal partner for your e-commerce shipments.
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This app offers a 21-day free trial
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Includes: up to 750 shipments/month
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