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Image Zoom
By Widgetic
Free plan available

Image Zoom

By Widgetic
Help users spot the smallest product details.
Free plan available

Image Zoom overview

    Use smaller areas to display content that can be scaled on the spot.
    Allow customers to see your product well before they take action.
    The navigation can fold on hover and is completely customizable.
    The app is using familiar interactions like pinch to zoom in and out.
Our app makes it easy to add custom navigation on top of your images. It enables users to zoom in for more details. Allowing users to see more details can reduce the number of refunds through better purchase decisions. Detailed images help customers to determine the materials, build quality and colors a product has. And this leads to a better experience for your customers. The navigation's style and position can be customized to fit your needs. You can position the zoom buttons horizontally or vertically and place them anywhere on top of an image.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Basic plan


Easy to start with preset layouts.
Customizable design
Mobile friendly UI.
Plus plan


Remove branding.
Customize button layout.
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