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Image Hotspots
By Widgetic
Free plan available

Image Hotspots

By Widgetic
Add descriptive hotspots to your images.
Free plan available

Image Hotspots overview

    Enable multiple interactions with your product photos by using descriptive hotspots.
    Use moodboards for your collections and link each product to its unique web page.
    Encourage visitors to engage and find out more about your products.
    Make the hotspots pulsate, or add numbers to guide users.
Use the Image Hotspots app to add interactive areas on top of your images. This is useful when you want to cross-sell products. You can shoot photos that contain more items at once and link to each one of them. This approach will also inspire your users to combine your products in different ways. For example, you can show them how to combine a jacket with a skirt and a pair of shoes. Another idea is to present product features by describing different elements of an image. This makes even the most complicated products look easy.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

Basic plan


Add up to 3 hotspots.
Easy to start with preset layouts.
Customizable design.
Mobile friendly UI.
Plus plan


Remove branding.
Customize the hotspots layout.
Add unlimited hotspots.
* Price is in USD

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