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Google Shopping by shopUpz
By shopUpz Inventory
14 Day Free Trial

Google Shopping by shopUpz

By shopUpz Inventory
Easily export your listings to Google Shopping
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14 Day Free Trial
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  • Google Shopping by shopUpz Overview

        Export to Google shopping free listings feed
        Export to Google shopping Ads listings feed
        Easy and fast export wizard
        Google shopping
    Get discovered on google shopping efficiently. You can show your products on Google for free or advertise your listings on Google Shopping ads. Our app will help you to export all of your store listings into Google Shopping with a click on a button. shopUpz inventory will connect between your store and your Google merchant center account. Once connected, you can easily export your listings data : Images, Title, description , stock level and more ... Using our status dashboard you will be able to view the status on your listings at Google and easily resolve the issue. shopUpz mission is to save you time and help scale your business.
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    This app offers a 14-day free trial


    Export unlimited listings to Google
    Export to Google free listings feeds
    Export to Google ads feeds
    Easy to use and fast export process
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