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Google Reviews by Elfsight
By Elfsight
Free plan available

Google Reviews by Elfsight

By Elfsight
Embed reviews of your business from Google
Free plan available

Google Reviews by Elfsight overview

    Kick off with ease—just add your business name or location to display reviews
    Full control over the displayed reviews with advanced sorting, filtering, and moderation
    Boost your conversions with CTA buttons, star rating snippet, and AI-generated summary
    Ready-to-use templates, layout designs, and review card styles to find the look you want
Introduce yourself to Google Reviews by Elfsight — the simple app for embedding customer reviews from a Google Business or Location on your website without any coding skills needed. Flexible design options, advanced review filtering, custom CTA elements, and 10+ ready-to-use templates can get you the most out of the client's feedback. No matter what kind of business you have, you better look trustworthy in the eyes of your potential customers! Showcase the most positive experiences on the website or highlight the real benefits of your business with Google Reviews by Elfsight. Embed the Google Reviews app on your website in just 4 steps: 1. Click the "Add to Site" button. 2. Finish the setup and start personalizing Google Reviews. 3. Select the desired widget template and add a review source. 4. Preview the results, then hit "Publish." To learn more, check out the comprehensive guide about the embedding and creation processes in our Help Center, or reach out to us—we will be happy to assist you as always!
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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