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Google Merchant Checkout
By Simon Abraham Works
18 day free trial

Google Merchant Checkout

By Simon Abraham Works
Send Google users to the cart with their product
1.0 (1)
18 day free trial

Google Merchant Checkout overview

    One click install
    Send your potential buyers directly to your cart and have the product they found on google added in the cart at the same time automatically
    Increased sales conversions
    Direct checkout from Google Shopping
The Google Merchant Center Checkout widget by Simon Abraham Works is a revolutionary app designed for online store owners looking to optimize their sales funnel and enhance the shopping experience for users coming from Google shopping ads. This widget simplifies the transition from product discovery on Google to purchase completion on the merchant's site by using dynamic SKU handling and direct cart addition functionality. By capturing SKU parameters from URLs generated by Google shopping ads, the app automatically adds the corresponding product to the shopper's cart on the site, streamlining the checkout process and reducing the steps needed to convert sales.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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