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Google Analytics Link Builder
By WD Strategies
From $3.99 / month

Google Analytics Link Builder

By WD Strategies
Create traceable links for Google Analytics
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From $3.99 / month

Google Analytics Link Builder overview

    Generate tracking links for Google Analytics
    Track campaign, source, and medium
    Keep internal notes to remember when and where each link was used
Tracking campaign, source, and medium in Google Analytics is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of marketing efforts. By monitoring these metrics, businesses can identify which campaigns are driving traffic, where that traffic is coming from, and which channels are most successful in generating conversions, allowing for informed decision-making and optimization strategies. Google Analytics Link Builder from WD Tech lets businesses create traceable links that make attributing site traffic to specific links possible. Accessing data on this granular of level can help lead to higher efficacy in both online and offline campaigns.
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Create Unlimited Traceable Links
Review Website Traffic in GA4
Track Source, Medium, & Campaign
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