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Get Donations
By Big Spark Apps
From $3.49 / month

Get Donations

By Big Spark Apps
Easily collect donations from site visitors
From $3.49 / month

Get Donations overview

    Add pre-defined donation amounts
    Allow for custom donation amount
    Add custom processing fee
Introducing our revolutionary donation form app—a sleek and modern solution for your website's giving needs. Elevate the donor experience with predefined and custom donation amounts, along with the option to add a custom processing fee of any percentage you wish, that your donator can opt to pay. Seamlessly integrate the app's mobile and desktop designs to match your brand. Fully responsive across all devices, our user-friendly interface ensures convenience and engagement. Join us in transforming your fundraising efforts today.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Get Donations Pro plan


Allow custom donation amounts
24/7 support
Unlimited donations
Full app customization
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