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Fyrebox Quiz Maker
By Fyrebox Quizzes
Free plan available

Fyrebox Quiz Maker

By Fyrebox Quizzes
Create interactive quizzes for your website
Free plan available

Fyrebox Quiz Maker overview

    Customise the design of your quiz
    Grow your contact list from your website
    Make your site more interactive!
    Connect your quiz to other software (Mailchimp,...)
Make your own quiz with Fyrebox, to grow your contact list or just to make your site more interactive! With Fyrebox, you can easily create interactive quizzes that adapt to mobile screens. One the statistics page, you can see how many participants took your quiz and the details for each question. You can export the email of the participants to other software. You can also create rules based on the score of the participant . Customise your quiz easily, change colors, move the buttons,... Here is the list of quizzes you can create: Scenario Quiz: A quiz to create a training tool or a product recommendation tool. Multiple Choice Quizzes: A quiz to test the knowledge of the participants True False Quiz: A quiz where the participant simply has to select yes or no Open Ended Quiz: A quiz that asks the participants to type their answer Most Answered: A quiz used for psychological assessments.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

Basic plan


5 Quizzes, 10 Questions/quiz
100 Responses
Customise the Design of your Quiz
Upload Questions from CSV
Basic Premium plan


10 Quizzes, 50 Questions/quiz
1000 Responses/mo
Access to Quiz Statistics
No Fyrebox Branding
Standard plan


Unlimited Quizzes, 100 Questions/quiz
Unlimited Responses
Certificates, Rules and Image quizzes
Send Email to Participants
Professional plan


Unlimited Quizzes, 250 Questions/quiz
Multi Languages Quizzes
Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Multi-scoring Quizzes
* Price is in USD

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