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Form Builder & Payments
Free plan available

Form Builder & Payments

Automate subscriptions, orders & payment forms
Free plan available

Form Builder & Payments overview

    Full library of pre-built professional form templates easily customized with no coding
    Accept online/offline payments with digital wallet or credit card via PayPal & Stripe
    Set up instant alerts, autoresponders, success message, file upload and dozens more
    Syncs with Contact, Inbox, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Google Sheets, Notion, Zapier & others
Create unlimited forms in minutes. Order Form, Subscription Form, Donation Form, Quote Request, Event Form, Registration Form, to name a few. Use live chat to talk with a specialist or 24/7 email support. Automate Operations: - Securely get paid recurring subscriptions, donations, or one-time payments with digital wallets, credit cards, or offline payments in 100s of currencies - Integrated with PayPal and with Stripe, connect to 30+ payment methods, including Buy Now Pay Later with Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay & Zip - Connect to any email marketing platform & sync new contacts automatically - Integrate with 1000s of other time-saving tools with Zapier Make More Advanced Forms: - Gather/distribute file uploads - Use conditional logic to show/hide questions based on previous responses/answers - Split your form into multiple pages or steps - Redirect users after submission, or show them a 'Thank You' message Improve Response Time: - Send instant customized autoresponder emails - Get instant submission alerts - Limit submissions by date or time - Avoid spam with reCAPTCHA or by limiting user submissions - Sort, filter, export from Responses Dashboard with auto-sync to Google Sheets
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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Pricing & plans

Basic plan


Unlimited forms, 6 fields per form
Custom autoresponder & instant alerts
Accept payments via Stripe & PayPal
24/7 email support
Starter plan


All of Free + remove POWR branding
Add up to 10 fields per form
Add discount & coupon codes
Protect forms with CAPTCHA
Pro plan


All of Starter + 30 fields per form
Advanced submission controls
Conditional logic
All integrations: Mailchimp,Zapier,etc
Business plan


All of Pro +
Unlimited form fields per form
Unlimited form submissions
All premium features unlocked
* Price is in USD

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