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Etsy Integration
By Webkul
Premium Site Required

Etsy Integration

By Webkul
Sell On Etsy
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Premium Site Required
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  • Etsy Integration overview

        You can export your Wix products to your Etsy seller account.
        Category mapping option is available from Wix to Etsy.
        You can export your Etsy orders to your Wix stores.
        Inventory synchronization- Once a product quantity sell on either the Wix store or the Etsy store inventory will be synced accordingly on both sides.
    Etsy Integration is the best solution that helps you to integrate your Wix store and Etsy marketplace. The store owners can easily manage the inventory on both platforms. You can easily synchronize your products and categories from Wix to Etsy and orders from Etsy to Wix with the help of this application. Sync Products from Wix to Etsy. Sync Orders from Etsy to Wix. Specific sync and Bulk sync options are available. Mapping of Categories is easy from Wix to Etsy. The inventory will sync whether the product gets sold from Wix or Etsy platforms to update the quantity of the products on both platforms.
    Availability:This app is available worldwide.
    App languages:
    Site Requirements:
    - Premium Plan
    - Connected Domain

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    Pricing & plans

    This app offers a 2-day free trial


    Sync upto 50 Products from Wix
    Sync Orders from Etsy
    Category Mapping
    Support through ticket system only


    Sync Unlimited products from Wix
    Order sync from Etsy
    Category mapping
    Support through virtual meetings also
    * Price is in USD

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