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Epic Forms & Payments
By Epic Solutions Limited
Free plan available

Epic Forms & Payments

By Epic Solutions Limited
Lead & Payment collection Forms
Free plan available

Epic Forms & Payments overview

    Unlimited fields
    Multicolumn layout
    Payments, Autoresponders, etc.
    Actively developed and supported
Operating at Wix App market since early 2015 with a bit more than one million forms so far, offering an easy start with all the fields and multicolumn layout fo free. No premium fields you will have to spend your money buying. This is the important difference. We believe, our customers must validate their ideas before starting premium. Most of our competitors block this by requiring premium packages to unlock extra form fields. We pay extra attention to our support, trying to solve not only our application issues but also everything around it, being added as a contributor to hundreds of our customer's websites over the years.
Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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App developed byEpic Solutions Limited

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Pricing & plans

Free plan


Unlimited Fields
3 Forms
20 submissions/month
Multicolumn layout
Premium plan


Unlimited Submissions
Unlimited Forms
Tags, Autoresponders, etc.
No Epic Forms Backlink
* Price is in USD

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